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Covid19 Rx

Covid 19 has added a new category for us to consider when designing workstations for our clients, safety and social distancing. Your employees need to be properly distanced from their adjacent counterparts. They also need to be protected from the general public if you have frequent visitors in your space. Yes, everyone needs to mask up until we get Covid 19 behind us, but until then, barriers need to be provided to give your front line employees the protection and secure feeling they deserve.

Mergeworks Social Distancing Products

Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks

We offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing social distancing products from Mergeworks. Call us today to place your order!

mergeworks social distancing product array

Borders Acrylic Shields and Plexiglas Panels

Lead Time: 72 Hours

Our Borders Acrylic Shields and Plexiglas Panels will provide the protection you and your employees are looking for at a  price that will seem too little to pay for the peace of mind & body it will provide. Call us today with questions you may have.