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The consultants at Interstate Office Interiors are your storage specialists. Once we understand your storage requirements and the available square footage, we can find the right apparatus and make the most of your space. We design storage solutions for medical facilities, government buildings, museums, libraries, education facilities, financial offices and personal office space. Some of our most popular products include archived files and storage, lateral files and mobile filing systems.

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borroughs shelving

Popular Affordable Storage Solutions

borroughs rivet span shelving
borroughs rivet span shelving infographic
borroughs rivet span metal shelving

Metal Box Edge Shelving

Open Type Units

Borroughs flexible open-type shelving consists of posts, shelves and sway braces for added stability. It is ideal for general purpose storage and meets most storage requirements, while providing maximum efficiency.

Closed Type Units (without backs)

Closed-type shelving without backs provide side support, and give row ends a more finished appearance. Closed-type shelving without backs are often combined with closed units in back-to-back installations or used alone along walls.

Closed Type Units (with backs)

This Borroughs shelving type is enclosed on the back and sides to protect the contents, while providing a neat finished appearance. Closed-type shelving is perfect for storing loose parts.

Bin Type Units

Thousands of bin configurations can be designed from the Borroughs basic bin unit. With Borroughs versatile bin-type shelving, you can have a storage system precisely customized to store your parts and small bulk items. Shelf dividers and boxes separate items for easy access and identification.

Rivet Span Boltless Shelving

Bulk Storage

borroughs rivet span automotive storage units

Simple, economical storage that is designed for today’s wide variety of hand-loaded bulky, heavy, or hard-to-store items. Rivet-Span offers a complete range of sizes with spans and depths wider and greater than conventional shelving.

Automotive Systems

borroughs rivet span bulk storage units

Rivet-Span systems offer open shelving areas for storing larger items such as sheet metal and tires. Shelves can be accessed from any side. Rivet-Span products are constructed of heavy-duty 14 gauge steel frames and sturdy rack-like beam-to-post connections. Low initial cost and fast and easy installation are additional advantages of Borroughs Rivet-Span systems.

Specialty Units

borroughs rivet span specialty shelving units

Special uses of Rivet-Span are limited only by the imagination of the individual. Some of the obvious uses are as archival records storage units, tire racks, or units used as work benches or packing and receiving tables. Additionally, retail establishments can use Rivet-Span for back room garment hang racks – or for other hard-to-store items.

Vertical Grow Systems

borroughs vertical cultivation grow rack rivet span

Whether you’re a small start-up or large scale grow operation, we have a storage/shelving solution that’s right for you. The simplicity of Borroughs’ Rivet-Span design ensures structural rigidity as well as fast and easy assembly – saving time and money.

pipp mobile storage
pipp storage shelving
pipp shelving with boxes
pipp shelving used for clothing